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Clinical microbiology laboratories play a critical role in disease control and prevention. Since 2011, ASM has worked closely with CDC-Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) to establish a strong network of microbiology laboratories at national and regional levels. The scope of this work has been primarily focused on providing onsite technical assistance and mentoring in an effort to help establish and fully transfer quality-assured laboratory diagnostic capacity to local laboratorians.

Through its mentoring efforts at the National Reference Laboratory and the Adama, Bahir-Dar, Hawassa and Mekelle regional laboratories, ASM consultants have identified and dedicatedly trained mentees in the application of microbiology procedures for proper diagnosis of infectious diseases. As a result, mentees have become trainers for other laboratories in their region. These mentoring activities are creating sustainability and promoting country ownership via human capacity development.




ASM in Ethiopia

ASM Impact

  • 6 Basic Diagnostic Microbiology Workshops Conducted
  • 59 Laboratories Benefited from Workshops
  • 140 People Trained in Workshops
  • 5 Laboratories Mentored
  • 28 Mentees Mentored


Program Areas

  • Microbiology







ASM Delivers Microbiology Mentoring Program to Ethiopia

The Adama Regional Laboratory, also known as the “Oromia Public Health Research, Capacity Building, and Quality Assurance Laboratory (OPHRCBQAL)”, participated in a 13-week mentoring program between 2012 to 2014, which trained two lead microbiology technologists (the mentees) in the proper implementation of technical skills and quality systems essentials. The OPHRCBQAL is now able to perform the core functions and activities of a microbiology reference laboratory and the mentees can share new knowledge and skills with their peers, creating local sustainability and promoting country ownership.

When asked what changes he saw in his laboratory upon the completion of the ASM Microbiology Mentoring Program, Laboratory Director, Feleke Belachew, had this to say: “First of all, I cannot express my thanks and appreciation to ASM enough – it was because of their effective program and approach that our laboratory is now able to offer all bacteriological tests and DST services that meet the required standards. We are also now capable of training and sharing the attained knowledge with neighboring laboratories, which fortifies the quality and accurate delivery of public health services across the region."

Mentee, Wake Abebe, had this to say upon receiving his certificate of completion: “We have been mentored by ASM since 2011. At this time our laboratory is fully functional to provide routine culture services on quality basis. Never leave us alone; we love ASM!"

Mentee, Adinew Zewdu echoed those sentiments, saying: “The training and mentorship program on basic diagnostic microbiology is very good and interesting, and hence I’ve got a great gift of knowledge from ASM and now I am strong enough to provide basic microbiology test services to the community. So, I would like to thank ASM for their unlimited support."



BioResource Centers (BRCs)

The purpose of the BioResource Centers (BRCs) is to provide scientists, educators, laboratorians, policy makers, and students with cutting-edge scientific resources, training, and increase their knowledge-base of biological sciences. All BRCs in Ethiopia serve as locations for scientists and stakeholder to convene; offer access to cutting-edge scientific resources; and provide ongoing professional development training through scientific webinars, virtual workshops, and also on-site workshops and lectures.


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BRC at Oromia Public Health Research, Capacity Building, and Quality Assurance Laboratory (OPHRCBQAL) 

Contact: Mr. Dhaabaa Mulataa,

Mailing Address of BRC: 
P.O. Box 688
Adama, Ethiopia


BRC at Amhara Regional Health and Research Laboratory Bahir-Dar Center (ARHRLBC) 

Contact: Mr. Gashaw Yitayew,

Mailing Address of BRC: 
P.O. Box 641
Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

BRC at Hawassa Regional Public Health Laboratory 

Contact: TBD

BRC at Tigray Regional Health Research Laboratory 

Contact: TBD



Ambassadors to Ethiopia

The Country Ambassador is a senior scientist that represents ASM in Ethiopia, facilitating partnership and exchange with other scientists worldwide, while the ASM Young Ambassador is a dynamic young leader, who also represents ASM in Ethiopia, facilitating networking, professional development, and collaboration to strengthen science globally. The ASM Young Ambassador mobilizes the next generation of scientists to develop innovative approaches to meet the Grand Challenges in Science.


Country Ambassador - Ketema Bacha (PhD)


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Young Ambassador - Negga Asamene, BSc,MSc, MPH

Negga Abera-Ethiopia

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