Mozambique is a vast country with a recognized HIV epidemic and a high burden of neglected tropical diseases. ASM has been working in collaboration with local partners to address the country’s immediate laboratory capacity needs at the national and regional level since 2008. ASM aims to build long-term capacity to mitigate the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic via the U. S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) program.




ASM in Mozambique



Program Areas


  • Mentoring towards capacity building for:
    • Clinical Microbiology
    • HIV co-infection
    • Tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics strengthening
  • External Quality Assurance (EQA)
  • National Strategic Planning
  • Field Epidemiology



ASM Impact

  • Mentoring: 43 mentees from 6 national and regional TB and microbiology reference laboratories and 2 hospitals
  • Workshops:
    • Basic Microbiology: 26 technicians trained
    • SLMTA: 98 technicians trained
    • SLMTA Training of Trainers (TOT): 22 technicians trained
    • Gram Stain and Gram Stain TOT: 15 technicians trained
    • EQA and EQA TOT: 27 technicians trained
  • In addition, 54 laboratory technicians received training in competency assessment administration, integrated site supervision, and root cause analysis.




Integrating Site Supervision for EQA: A Cost Effective Quality Control Strategy

Mozambique is implementing an integrated strategy for External Quality Assessment (EQA) of HIV, bacteriology, TB and Malaria labs. This involves conducting joint site supervisory visits that provide oversight and feedback to sites across these disciplines. ASM is providing training to the ministry of health and has already witnessed an expansion over time as the Mozambican surveys for EQA continue to evolve.



BioResource Centers (BRC)

The purpose of the BioResource Center (BRC) is to provide scientists, educators, laboratorians, policy makers, and students with cutting-edge scientific resources, training, and increase their knowledge-base of biological sciences. The BRC in Mozambique serves as a location for scientists and stakeholder to convene; offers access to cutting-edge scientific resources; and provides ongoing professional development training through scientific webinars, virtual workshops, and also on-site workshops and lectures.


20130614 105458

BRC at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane 

Contact: Catia Luciana Taibo, 

Mailing Address of BRC:
Dr Jahit Sacarlal
Faculdade da Medicina/Faculty of Medicine
Departamento de Microbiologia
Faculade de Medicina da Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Salvador Allende Ave, Nr 702, Caixa postal 257
Maputo, Mozambique



Ambassadors to Mozambique

ASM seeks the next Country Ambassador who would be a senior scientist that represents ASM in Mozambique, facilitating partnership and exchange with other scientists worldwide, while the ASM Young Ambassador would a dynamic young leader, who also represents ASM in Mozambique, facilitating networking, professional development, and collaboration to strengthen science globally. The ASM Young Ambassador mobilizes the next generation of scientists to develop innovative approaches to meet the Grand Challenges in Science.


Country Ambassador - Taking Applications



 Young Ambassador - Taking Applications





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