International Board

ASM International Affair’s mission is supported in full by the hard work of the volunteers who comprise the International Board.


steven specter

Steven Specter
Chair, International Board

Joseph Fair

Joseph Fair
Chair, CGE


Kendra Chittenden
Chair, CSD


Paul Brown
Ambassador Leadership Circle Chair


Subbarao Chaganti
Young Leaders Circle Chair

Shahana Urooj Kazmi - Pakistan

Shahana Urooj Kazmi

 hilary scott

Hilary Lappin-Scott


Stefano Bertuzzi
CEO, ASM (ex officio)


Nancy Sansalone, Interim Executive
Director, ASM (ex officio)


 Rao Jason

Jason Rao, Director,
International Affairs (ex officio)




The International Board (IB) advances the ASM Mission and Strategic Goals via the following areas:

  • Promote and advance the microbial sciences worldwide;
  • Collaborate with national and international scientific organizations, including sister societies, worldwide;
  • Provide value-added educational programs and services;
  • Harness member expertise to build global capacity for clinical microbiology, public health, and health security through externally funded programs; and
  • Work synergistically across the society to ensure effective international outreach.


The International Board consists of the following committees:

Committee on Global Engagement (CGE)

CGE objectives include:

  1. Engage scientists globally to expand ASM's international network;
  2. Foster the advancement of microbiology communities worldwide through access to ASM resources;
  3. Develop programs that foster outreach, education, knowledge sharing, and implementation of best practices; and
  4. Implement externally funded programs to bolster health security.


Committee Members

Joseph Fair (’17), Chair
Jizhong Zhou, (’16)
Steven Specter (ex officio)
Kendra Chittenden (ex officio)
Jason Rao (ex officio)



Committee on Sustainable Development (CSD)

CSD objectives include:

  1. Delivery of the Global Laboratory Capacity Strengthening (LabCap) Program to bolster clinical microbiology and public health in resource-limited countries; 
  2. Expand Global Outreach Program to provide ASM membership and resources to scientific communities in resource-limited countries; and
  3. Implement the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) through externally-funded programs.


Committee Members

Kendra Chittenden (’17) Chair
Ellen Jo Baron (’18)
Ruth Berkelman (’17)
James McLaughlin (‘17)
Joe Campos (ex officio)
Joseph Fair (ex officio)




Ambassador Leadership Circle

The ALC provides strategic direction and a cohesive voice for the Country Ambassadors, as they work to address challenges and capitalize on opportunities arising from the Society’s expanding global presence.



Young Leaders Circle


The YLC supports the Young Ambassadors of Science to empower the voices of young microbiologists through support for professional development, global networking, and increased gender diversity in the microbial sciences.