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Clinical Microbiologist

Membership in the American Society for Microbiology offers a wealth of resources for the clinical microbiologist, including:

  • Two high-impact journals:  Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology Reviews
  • The authoritative resource Manual of Clinical Microbiology, now in its 11th edition
  • Awards for leadership and research
  • Career mentoring for clinical microbiologists at all levels (from bench to director)
  • Two thriving listservs dedicated to issues confronting your practice
  • Cumitech and Sentinel Level protocols
  • And the ClinMicro Portal, dedicated to all things clinical microbiology

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The American Society for Microbiology fosters a community of microbiologists working in the field of education with practical resources, targeted conferences, and networking options:

  • Robust discussions of educational issues on the MicrobEdu and EduAlert  listservs
  • Journal of Microbiology Eduction (JMBE)  – the only publication dedicated to microbiology education
  • Meetings for educators and students including the annual ASM Conference for Undergraduate Educators, and the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students
  • MicrobeLibrary visual resources and curriculum guidelines
  • Skill building institutes and awards and travel grants

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ASM provides the career microbiologist with resources and recognition:

  • Cutting edge scientific research published monthly
  • Opportunities to distinguish yourself through ASM publications, speaking opportunities, election to the American Academy of Microbiology
  • Advocacy on Capitol Hill and world-wide for sound scientific policy and funding
  • Member discounts on journals and books
  • Discounted registration for all ASM meeting from in-depth single topic @ASM conferences to the comprehensive ASM Microbe 2017 meeting

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Industrial Microbiologist

ASM provides resources to distinguish yourself from your peers and further your development:

  • Two journals – Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy and Applied & Environmental Microbiology - featuring articles essential for the industrial microbiologist
  • Eligibility for the DuPont Industrial Biosciences Award
  • Academy colloquium reports, such as Microbe Fueled Jobs, focused on industrial issues
  • Applied and Environmental track programming at ASM Microbe 2017, along with associated workshops
  • Innovative small workshops such as “Turn Your Science Into a Business”

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ASM offers students exposure to the professional world of science and develops academic and leadership skills to ensure success:

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ASM understands the needs of the early career scientist and helps foster success with:

  • Fellowship opportunities with the CDC, CPEP and Congressional Science program
  • ASM Career website featuring professional development activities, volunteer opportunities, job listings, and more
  • Career Development Grants for Postdoc Women
  • Skill building workshops

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