Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics and the Ethics Review Process has been revised and approved by Council 2005.

Constitution and Bylaws
Annually updated after members vote on amendments.

Minutes from past Council and Council Policy Commitee Meetings (1992 -present).

Annual Reports
Annual Reports from Officers and Board Chairs (1998 - present).


Strategic Plans

ASM Strategic Plan
Includes mission, vision, core values and strategic goals

Program Plans

Includes missions, visions, core values and strategic goals for the individual programs within ASM.



The Council is empowered to implement the mission of the Society, to authorize policy, and ensure that operations conform with the Constitution and Bylaws.

2009-2010 Table of Organization
Annually updated list of committees and volunteers.

Organizational Chart
A relational chart of the Society's governance and grogram structure.


Council Policy Committee

The Council Policy Committee (CPC) is charged to take action ad interim on behalf of Council and to oversee operations and recommend policy for Council ratification.

Council Policy Committee Members 
(Photos and e-mail addresses available)

Scientific Divisions
The scientific interests of the society's membership comprise the full spectrum of microbiology.  The society has been divided into 27 divisions where each division represents scientists with similar scientific interests and research goals.   Click on the link above to see individual division descriptions and contact information for division officers.

Regional Branches
ASM's thirty-five Branches are organized by geographical territories that are defined by one or more states and/or zip code areas.   Click on the link above to view information about individual branches and branch officers.

Officers of the Society (1899 - Present)