Botswana has requested that ASM provide technical support for basic clinical microbiology with respect to clinical laboratory diagnostics for common OIs, as well as to the National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory (NTRL) for TB diagnostics. Potential activities for 2007-2008 include:

§ Assessing OI and TB diagnosis capacity and quality;

§ Training Botswanan technologists and scientists on clinical microbiology procedures, including identification of clinically relevant pathogens in HIV/AIDS patients;

§ Providing technical guidance for laboratory infrastructure development and procurement of specialized microbiology equipment and reagents;

§ Assisting the national laboratory to develop and institute laboratory standards and procedures

§ Beginning development of a laboratory QA program for microbiology to include a training plan for laboratory personnel and guidelines for supervision and oversight for quality standards;

§ Customizing the Acid-Fast Direct Smear Microscopy Training Package to be used to train laboratory technicians; and

§ Strengthening the national TB EQA program.



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