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It is ASM's goal is to provide members with a valuable resource to facilitate the retrieval of reliable, relevant information on the Internet. The Open Directory Project (ODP) is a directory edited by volunteers to organize the structure and content of websites.
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Feedback from members indicates that Google is the most effective search engine.  Google uses the ODP to categorize web content.  The Google directories relevant to microbiology are provided above. 

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The Open Directory is used by many other well known search engines such as Netscape Search, Lycos, and AOL Search in addition to Google. 

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Reviews by ASM Members of Microbiology Websites:
Education Reviews and Resources
The ASM News publishes reviews of websites on a monthly basis.  A complete searchable collection of  reviews is available through ASM's MicrobeLibrary.  To read reviews of websites, visit the Education Reviews section of the MicrobeLibrary.