Public Policy Newsletters

  • Clinical Microbiology Issues Update
    The ASM Clinical Microbiology Issues Update provides monthly updates on policy matters of concern to clinical microbiologists including Medicare reimbursement policy matters, CLIA updates, meeting summaries, and various topical policy matters such as the federal government's response to antimicrobial resistance, bioterrorism and emerging infectious disease.

  • e-Public Policy Update
    The e-Public Policy Update is a monthly newsletter published by the ASM Office of Public Affairs. The Update is an electronic newsletter with information on public policy issues of importance to microbiologists, including federal funding for agencies that support biomedical research and public health funding, biosafety and biosecurity, clinical microbiology, environmental and agricultural microbiology.

  • Minority Microbiology Mentor Newsletter
    The Committee on Microbiological Issues Impacting Minorities (CMIIM) has developed an e-newsletter for distributing pertinent information to underrepresented minorities in microbiology and their advisors.

  • CSWM Communicator
    The CSWM publishes a newsletter bi-annually with information of interest to women microbiologists.  It includes information on the committee's General Meeting activities, grant and funding opportunities and helpful websites.