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Why Certify with the NRCM?


"I sought NRCM certification to validate my skills as a microbiologist and for the opportunity to measure my knowledge and skills against other microbiologists.  I am a firm believer in perpetual learning and NRCM certification gave me the opportunity to challenge myself.  I have encourage all the microbiologists I know or have met to pursue the certification for this reason.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that you have passed the examination and it looks great on your resume!  I have received many more calls about job openings since I received my NRCM certification.  Knowing that I have my NRCM certification, also gives my employer bragging opportunities and a sense of confidence in my skills and knowledge."

Lisa Gray, RM/SM(NRCM)
EO Analyst III
STERIS Isomedix Services
Grand Prairie, TX

“Preparing for the NRCM exam in Biosafety was a challenging and rewarding experience. The process got me on my “A” game in many areas directly related to my day to day work activities. Enriching one’s knowledge base in this manner, as a safety professional,  is akin to avoiding complacency in the laboratory (and therefore error) as a researcher. The experience builds confidence and competence, and I encourage all biosafety colleagues to accomplish certification for their own gratifying experience. Passing the exam has already paid dividends professionally.”


Richard G. Baumann, Ph.D., SM(NRCM)
Biological Safety Officer
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD


"I have worked for a long time to obtain the NRCM certification. As the field of Biosafety becomes more competitive and the technology becomes more expansive and diverse, the NRCM certification will show the of foundational measures of expertise that I will use to perform complex risk assessment for years to come."

Angela Birnbaum, SM(NRCM)
Biosafety Program Manager
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

"Two years ago, working in microbiology in the United States was only a dream. However I was fortunate enough to learn about ASM and the NRCM. Though my journey of certification was challenging, it was a wonderful opportunity to receive a certification for the subject I love most, science!! Through this intense yet rewarding experience, I deepened my knowledge of the field and reinforced the passion I have for my career goals. I am confident that the NRCM certification will open doors for my career goals to obtain an outstanding position in the microbiology pharmaceutical industry and I encourage other microbiologists to pursue this wonderful experience. I am honored and feel blessed, not only to have become certified, but to know I am on my way to being recognized as an accomplished scientific professional."


Dayra Gutierrez

Dayra Gutierrez Alonso, RM(NRCM)
Miami, FL

"I sought NRCM certification for continuing education and gain more knowledge in the field of medical device microbiology. NRCM certification provided me with an excellent platform for adding credibility to my role as a microbiologist. NRCM certification definitely provides an edge in career advancement opportunities for microbiology professionals in pharmaceutical and medical device industries."

ShokeenSonia Shokeen, Ph.D., RM(NRCM)
Sr. Microbiologist
Medtronic Surgical Technologies
Jacksonville, FL

"I initially sought NRCM certification to increase my credibility among peers in my field. However, I was surprised to find the most valuable result of certification came from the studying prior to taking the exam. The exam preparation required me to stretch beyond my typical day-to-day activities and broaden my knowledge base. As a result, I am now more confident in my skills and valuable to my employer."

Justin Tettenborn, RM(NRCM)

W.L. Gore and Associates
Flagstaff, AZ


"After starting in my new position as Staff Scientist with a group responsible for setting up laboratories to support microbiological testing activities for the quality control of Aseptic filling operations, I realized the importance and necessity of increasing my microbiology knowledge. I decided to sit for the NRCM in Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices exam and this has been one of the best decisions of my career. I feel more confident in my new role, and I am proud that my company has recognized my certification.”

Photo Yolma GonzalezYolma Gonzalez, RM(NRCM)
Staff Scientist

SHL Pharma.

Deerfield Beach, FL


"By working to receive this certification, I spent time increasing and cementing my knowledge of the microbiologist's role in food safety. By achieving the certification, my company can demonstrate that we have the knowledge to test and relsease microbiologically safe products to our customers. It is professionally satisfying to be part of the community of scientists that have this certification."

Deb Czarnecki, RM(NRCM)
Lead Microbiologist, Food Safety and Quality
FMC BioPolymer
Newark, DE

“Obtaining the NRCM certification in Biosafety was the next step in my career I knew would help me advance in my field and meet new horizons. Mastering the material prior to taking the exam was intellectually stimulating and the certification will help me grow professionally by providing greater opportunities in biosafety and security.” 

S  AgarStacy Agar, SM(NRCM)
Principal Scientist
Kansas City, MO

 "I sought NRCM certification to gain more credibility in my field. I wanted my customers to be able to trust that I had the knowledge to help them make the best decisions."

AndrewDewartAndrew W. D’Ewart, RM(NRCM)
Study Director
Nelson Laboratories
Taylorsville, UT


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